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Hello everybody!

If you are looking to start a blog, I have a few resources that I use that have really helped me.  I have actually read and done more, but these are by far my favorite resources for new bloggers.


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Building a Framework

The very first blogging book I ever bought was Building a Framework by Abby Lawson.  This is a great book for beginning bloggers, or for bloggers who want to move up to turning their passion into a profitable business.  It came so highly recommended by EVERY single blogger I knew and respected.  And they were right, totally worth it.  Abby does a great job laying out in step-by-step format how to set up your blog and it’s a great general overview on everything blog-related.


Affiliate Marketing for Bloggers

After I had been blogging a bit, I kept hearing about Affiliate Marketing for Bloggers by Tasha Agruso of Designer Trapped int a Lawyers Body.  She’s been a longtime favorite of mine, and this book is key if you want to start making money off affiliate sells.  I am still working through this book but can already see a huge difference in click rate.  This is a great book for beginners too, it will save you a lot of time later to go ahead and implement these strategies from the get-go.  Believe me, haha.




Standing Out

Another book I recommend is Standing Out by Jenna LaFevor.  I actually won this book at her online launch party another blogger was hosting.  It is also a great overview on how to start a blog.






Restore 316 Designs

My lovely new theme is courtesy of Restore 316 Designs.  They are another company that came highly recommend by other bloggers. I finally made the switch and my blog looks so much more professional now.  I am running “Divine” theme, but they have a great gallery if you want to browse their themes.
Dazzling Theme by Restored 316



So, are you thinking of starting a blog?  I’d love to help you get started, just reach out and ask.


Thanks so much for reading and let me know if you have any questions!