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Balancing Wine Bottle Holder featuring PureBond!

Hi and welcome back! I have a super fun little project for you today.  Back in our conference in August, I had the opportunity to talk with the folks from PureBond plywood and they had this little challenge going on – to try and make and spruce up a balancing wine bottle holder.  I finally got around to it, right before the contest deadline.  This easy little project would make a great, cheap homemade gift.

Balancing Wine Bottle Holder -

Thanks so much to Purebond for providing the plywood for this and other projects. This post may also contain affiliate links for your convenience.  As always, all opinions are completely my own.  See my full disclosure policy HERE

Purebond Hardwood PlywoodIf you’ve been following along, you know that since I discovered PureBond in August, I am all googly heart eyes over it.  To be honest, I didn’t use a lot of plywood before.  I always thought it looked awful, or it would bend too much or the ends were too ugly.  I just didn’t like the looks of it.  But, at our blogger conference in August, PureBond was there to show us what they were made of and I was amazed.  Seriously, this stuff is legit.  It’s so super sturdy, looks great and it’s formaldehyde free.  I’ve never really thought about that before – oops. But it’s good to know the stuff I’ve got now is a bit healthier to work with.

So they had this little challenge going on and I’d thought I’d give it a shot.  I’ve been missing my wine-loving old BBF and neighbor in Virginia lately, so I thought she would make one for her, and I made one for myself as well.  They were super easy to make!

Materials Needed


First, I cut a piece of 3/4″ PureBond plywood scrap down to about a 10 x 3 1/2″ rectangle.  This doesn’t have to be exact, that is just what mine turned out to be.

Next step was to cut a 45 degree angle on one end.

Balancing Wine Bottle Holder -

Then I drilled a 1 1/4″ hole on the other end.

Balancing Wine Bottle Holder -


Then I tested it out. It was a little off, but no worries.  I just changed the angle a little bit until I was able to balance it.  My angle ended up being about a 38 degrees, but I think you just play around until you find the right spot.  I think it depends on the size of your board as well.

Balancing Wine Bottle Holder -

How cool is that?!  Easy peasy.  From this point, you can just sand any rough edges and decorate it any way you want.

My friend Rian recently redid her kitchen in neutral whites & blacks, so I used some leftover paint to paint it black.  I printed a “C” for her last name and stenciled it onto the board.  Then I just painted the outline white.  I added a little inside joke on the back.  Bonus points if you know what movie this is from!

Balancing Wine Bottle Holder -

Here I put Polycrylic to protect it.  When that dried, I wanted to add a little more interest, so I took some jewelry wire and looped it around the bottom.

Balancing Wine Bottle Holder -

That was about it!

Balancing Wine Bottle Holder -


Balancing Wine Bottle Holder -

I did mine basically the same way, just used red oak stain and a sticker stencil “R”.

Balancing Wine Bottle Holder -

Another thing I love about PureBond is that the edges are super cool looking. The stain lets the layers show, which I think it neato.

An easy, fun, super cheap gift if you need a homemade gift idea for the upcoming holiday season!


Balancing Wine Bottle Holder -

Balancing Wine Bottle Holder -

Balancing Wine Bottle Holder -

That’s it!  This super easy and cheap balancing wine bottle holder is a fun little conversation piece at parties.  If you’d like to see more of my bar area DIYs click HERE.

Balancing Wine Bottle Holder -

If you like this one, check out my other hand made wine holder HERE.

DIY Wine Bottle Holder -


What do you think?  Any other fun, cheap homemade gift ideas?  Rian, if you are still reading – I miss you girl!  #noragrets ;).

Thanks for stopping by!


Balancing Wine Bottle Holder

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Balancing Wine Bottle Holder -

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  1. I LOVE my balancing wine bottle holder! It’s so cool, looks great in my new kitchen and is going to be such a conversation piece (already the few people we’ve had over is amazed by how it’s balancing)! Thanks girl! #noragrets

  2. This is so cool! I bet guests mesmerized by it and it is so simple! We just built a center console out of maple plywood and it looks beautiful. I love plywood projects! I didn’t know that about formaldehyde though. That’s something to think about.

  3. The balancing wine bottle holders you introduced are very beautiful! Such an awesome design idea! You have inspired me to make them as a gift for my beloved people this holidays! Every family has at least a bottle of wine at home. Wait to see other good ideas of you!

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