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Tree Paintings – How to Make a Huge Impact for Less

These birch tree paintings were a cheap and easy way to make a huge impact on our large, blank wall.

Birch Tree Paintings and DIY Gallery Wall - Uncookiecutter.comA few weeks ago I posted about the very first things we’ve put on our walls (even though we’ve been here six months)!  I did this gallery wall, with the promise of a tutorial on how I did the birch tree paintings.   All the details of the gallery wall, including how I built the little half console table, can be found HERE. This post is chalked full of fun stuff for you guys, so let’s get to it. I posted my gallery wall a few weeks back and had a lot of requests on how to do the birch tree paintings.  Let me tell you, they were sooo easy.  I’m not kidding. In the above post, my inspiration wall had birch tree drawing, but I wanted them to have a little more impact.  So, I started looking around and found THIS project from Persia Lou.

DIY Birch Tree Painting - Make your own wall art with this SUPER easy step-by-step tutorial.
Click image for source – Peria Lou

I loved this idea!  Instead of using a canvas though, I just painted directly on the wall.  But first, I built two large frames out of scrap 1x4s I had in the garage.  I just cut the corners at 45 degrees and put them together with a staple gun.  I wasn’t too worried about them staying together, because I was going to nail each individual piece into the wall.

Birch Tree Paintings and DIY Gallery Wall - Uncookiecutter.com

My helper, in a bathing suit, doing a little sanding.  Since my goal in the gallery wall post was to do the whole wall with just stuff I already had and spend no additional money, I painted these with leftover trim paint.

Then I had my husband hold them in place while I traced out the inside.

Birch Tree Paintings and DIY Gallery Wall - Uncookiecutter.com

I’m not usually a fan of blue painters tape, but I had some lying around so I used it.  This is easy, because you don’t have to be so precise.  No leveling or measuring, just sort of put it up in a way that looks natural.

Birch Tree Paintings and DIY Gallery Wall - Uncookiecutter.com


Make sure the tape lines extend past where you marked out for your frame.  Then paint!  I used the leftover paint from the doors.  My walls are a light grey, which worked for the tree bark, but if you have a different color wall you’ll want to paint white or grey before adding the tape.

Birch Tree Paintings and DIY Gallery Wall - Uncookiecutter.com


The reason I don’t much like painters tape is because it always seems to “bleed” a little bit.  But here, I wanted it to bleed, so it worked perfect.  I peeled the tape off and used a credit card like in Persia Lou’s tutorial to scrap the paint across.  I wasn’t sure it would work on my textured wall, but it actually turned out even better than I expected.  I did have to add a little more paint down the side of the branches to have some to scrape over, but I just added where I needed.

Birch Tree Paintings and DIY Gallery Wall - Uncookiecutter.com

If you don’t have textured walls, it works too!  It’ll just look a little more like the inspiration photo.  You can always add texture, too!  But that’s a whole different game :).

Birch Tree Paintings and DIY Gallery Wall - Uncookiecutter.com

Then I just added the frames.  The frames were so large that they weren’t very sturdy, so I just made sure and nailed each piece into the wall.

Birch Tree Paintings and DIY Gallery Wall - Uncookiecutter.com

Then I added the other stuff and done!  Again, you can find all the other details on the wall HERE.

Birch Tree Paintings and DIY Gallery Wall - Uncookiecutter.com

I collaborated with some other awesome bloggers and got a bunch of Wall Art inspiration.  Check out the hosts below to see everybody’s projects and find some inspiration for your walls!

Birch Tree Paintings and DIY Gallery Wall - Uncookiecutter.com

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Birch Tree Paintings

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Birch Tree Paintings and DIY Gallery Wall - Uncookiecutter.com






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  1. Hi, April ~ I love birch trees! And this project seems totally doable! Now I just have to figure out where to put them… :0) Thanks for sharing and enjoy your new art!

    1. Thank you Tiffany! You certainly don’t have to make them this big, I was trying to cover space with a little amount of money ;).

  2. I love how you made these! When looking for inspiration I saw the same post about making the birch trees! I love how bold and huge yours are! What a great tutorial!

  3. Love love love this! Such a good idea to paint right on the wall then frame it out, awesome idea for when you want a unique size art piece.

  4. I can’t believe how good the trees look on your textured walls. They turned out amazing and fit perfectly with your gallery wall. Persia Lou is awesome inspriation. 😉

  5. FINALLY!! April I have been waiting for this tutorial since you posted a peek of this wall weeks ago. I love how easy the tutorial is. I will have to keep this in mind when I finish my office/craft room. This could be a faux wallpapered wall technique!!! Love it.

    1. Thanks Amanda! I’m not sure actually, but I really think it will work on any texture. I just kept extra paint and my brush nearby, so if I needed extra to “scrap” across I would just ad it down the side as I went.

  6. That is beautiful!!! Even more amazing is the fact I think I can do it after reading your post. We’re getting ready to move and I’m looking for inspiration.

  7. I have seen your blog and loved those paintings of the birch trees. So glad you shared how you did it! I was totally off on my assumption.

  8. This is beautiful, April! Just as Meg and some others mentioned, I love how you painted directly to the wall and added the frame afterwards.

    1. Thanks Amy! I always want my daughter more involved, but she has no interest, haha! My son is a mini me, so he loves it. THanks for stopping by.

  9. Where do I sign up to follow your blog and/or sign up for your newsletter? I am entering giveaway but can’t sign up to follow.

    1. Hi Deborah! Thanks for entering! There is a little icon under “let’s get social” in the top right sidebar that looks like an envelope. It should take you to a sign up page for the email. Please let me know if it doesn’t work. Thanks!

  10. Lovely inspiration! Thanks for linking up to the Blogger Brags pinterest party. I have pinned your post to the Blogger Brags pinterest board.

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