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Hello and Happy New Year!  I’m spending this week cleaning out the house – going through and purging and donating things we no longer need, cleaning things that never get cleaned, throwing out broken toys and trash.  It feels so good to have a fresh start in the new year.  I even moved the kid’s bedrooms around to give them a fresh new look to go with their new clean rooms. Since I always do better when I have a list to check off, I created a cleaning schedule to share with you guys.  2017 Cleaning Schedule - Free Printable!

Last year I created a schedule and it was super helpful in keeping the house tip top.  You can check out that post here – it also has instructions on how to customize your own cleaning schedule. This year, I simplified it a little bit to make it a little more doable.

I’m not the only one in my family who enjoys a good checklist.  I found my seven-year-old mini-me’s list the other day.

2017 Cleaning Schedule - Free Printable!

Hilarious.  My daughter is turning out just like her dad, but that boy is me…for better or worse.

One of the biggest things I do to stay on top of things is laundry every day.  One load a day has become much preferable to me.  Mondays and Tuesday I do my and my husbands clothes.  The kids are on Wednesday, which is easy because they put their own stuff away.  Thursday is towels and bathmats and Friday is sheets.  If I have anything left over, I’ll take care of it on the weekend.

So, here is your simple and totally doable cleaning schedule for 2017.  Click the image to pull up the pdf.


2017 Cleaning Schedule - Free Printable!


Doing a little bit each day is the key to keeping up.  Once you get behind, it’s so much harder to catch up.  Once it becomes part of the daily routine, it’s way easier to do.

How do you guys feel?  Does it help you to have a check-list for things?  Sound off below and I hope 2017 is an amazing year for everyone!

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2017 Cleaning Schedule

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2017 Cleaning Schedule - Free Printable!

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