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Courtyard Makeover – Week 1 – ORC Spring 2017

Woot woot!!  It’s time again…One Room Challenge time!  This go around I am doing a courtyard makeover for our front entryway and I could not be more excited!  This area is the very first thing people see when they come to our house and let me just say it is looking…not so great?  It’s got zero style, is overgrown and unfunctional to boot.  But, I’m about to change all that.  Let’s take a look.  Here’s what we are starting with.  

Update:  See the Reveal HERE!

Courtyard Makeover - Week 1 - One Room Challenge Spring 2017 -

So fun, huh?  I’ll love to say there is another door that most people use, but nope.  This is how we great people. We are awesome like that.

Courtyard Makeover - Week 1 - One Room Challenge Spring 2017 -

I have actually done just a couple of little things.  I trimmed the crepe myrtles.  Not sure that I did it correctly, I got a little lopper happy.  So, fingers crossed they come back!

Courtyard Makeover - Week 1 - One Room Challenge Spring 2017 -

We have also collected a ton of rock from around the yard to use for the wall.  Now we just need to get building.

Another reason we need to get this courtyard makeover done is that we are close to starting our kitchen makeover and we are going to need a place to eat.  I’ll have to stack our dishes and cookware on the dining table and this will be a nice place to retreat to and get out of the impending disaster. See the awful kitchen as it is now HERE.

Here is what we have planned for the next 5 weeks.

Paint a Faux Rug

Build a Table

Build a Rock Garden

Outdoor Wall Art

It’s not a long list, but it’s a project heavy list.  Here’s a general idea of the smokey neutral look I’m going for.

Courtyard Makeover - Week 1 - One Room Challenge Spring 2017 -

I’m so glad you are here following along!  Make sure to follow me over on Instagram to see my videos and more behind the scenes photos.

I couldn’t do this makeover without the help of my generous sponsors, so head over and give them some love.



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Courtyard Makeover – Week 1

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Courtyard Makeover - Week 1 - One Room Challenge Spring 2017 -

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  1. Hey April — What a GREAT space you have for a makeover. Lots to do, but no biggie —you’re the Uncookie Cutter. You got dis. LOL… Love your plans and looking forward to seeing your ideas come to life. Susie from The Chelsea Project

  2. April,

    I love this challenge. I stumbled upon it in the week three post and immediately went back to this post to get an overview of the whole project. Appreciate you sharing all the steps with us.

    Do you have an idea of how many hours that you’ll be spending over the five weeks?

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