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Courtyard Shopping Guide – ORC Spring 2017

Hello and Welcome back!  I promised last week that I would share with you my courtyard shopping guide with all the details of where I got all my items I used in this round of The One Room Challenge. We couldn’t be happier with how the space turned out and we love all the items.  Head over and see the full reveal with more photos HERE and scroll through here to find out where I got all the other items. 

Courtyard Shopping Guide -

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Dining Chairs

Our dining chairs were provided by Wayfair and they fit perfect with our modern table.  They are comfy and modern and just a bit funky.  I ordered the grey option. Check out all their other awesome patio furniture here.

Courtyard Shopping Guide -

Lamp Posts

This lamp posts totally changed this space.  They are beautiful and functional and we had the electrician install sensors so they keep the courtyard all lit up at night. I ordered the 100″ high direct burial posts.

Courtyard Shopping Guide -


The style of this fountain from LampsPlus is the perfect modern look, but also has a soothing waterfall sound that makes the courtyard seem so peaceful. As I’m writing this post, this particular fountain is sold out, but here are some similar options.

Courtyard Shopping Guide -


We also got our curtains at Wayfair.  Are they so pretty?  I love them because they are ScotchGuarded and you can just rinse them right off.  Plus, I love the way they look. I ordered the coral color in 96″ length.

Courtyard Shopping Guide -

Large Porch Chair, Pillow for Chair and Rug

These items were sort of a last minute decision that I picked up at Walmart.  I think they actually fit perfectly.  The Chair is comfy, the pillow is a nice neutral balance from the curtains and the rug makes the whole space feel like a room.

Courtyard Shopping Guide -

Japanese Sky Pencils

We also got all of our fun plants at Walmart.  I love these easy to maintain holly’s and they are evergreens – score!

Courtyard Shopping Guide -

Floating House Numbers

I got those fun little house number at Amazon.  They can be used as “floating” like above, or flushed onto the space.  They are perfect for modern decor.


Once again, Walmart to the rescue.  They have small boxwoods for $5 and I can let them grow a bit, or add some more later if I want.  Again, we are going for low maintenance and evergreen so hollys are a perfect choice.

Courtyard Shopping Guide -

River Rock

We got all our filler dirt and river rock from a local construction company – Kern’s construction.  We picked it up ourselves and got 6 truckloads of dirt and 2 truckloads of beautiful river rock and it only cost about $160.

Courtyard Shopping Guide -

Grass Seed

We’ve had a ton of luck with Scott’s Commercial Grade grass seed.  We’ve used it all over our yard.  We throw it down, water it twice a day and it just sprouts right up.

Courtyard Shopping Guide -

String Lights

Once again, I got the string lights at Walmart.  The really make the space so cool.

Courtyard Shopping Guide -

I think that is it!  Everything else in the courtyard I made my self.  Get links to the tutorials for the DIY projects by clicking the links below.

Projects in This Post

Courtyard Reveal - One Room Challenge Spring 2017 Final Reveal! -
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Courtyard Reveal - One Room Challenge Spring 2017 Final Reveal! -
Faux Concrete Rug

Courtyard Reveal - One Room Challenge Spring 2017 Final Reveal! -
How to Patch Concrete

Courtyard Reveal - One Room Challenge Spring 2017 Final Reveal! -
Cedar Planters

Courtyard Reveal - One Room Challenge Spring 2017 Final Reveal! -
Modern Outdoor Table

Courtyard Reveal - One Room Challenge Spring 2017 Final Reveal! -
Outdoor Wall Art (coming soon)


Let me know if I left anything out or if you have any questions about our courtyard shopping guide!

Thanks for stopping by!


Courtyard Shopping Guide

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Courtyard Shopping Guide -


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