DIY Wall Art Flip Flop

Hi and welcome back to our DIY Wall Art Flip Flop!

You may remember a few weeks ago I participated in a Wall Art Hop where a bunch of blogger friends and I posted our best DIY Wall Art. Here is a reminder…

 DIY Wall Art Flip Flop - Uncookiecutter.com


If you are wondering about any of those, see the original post HERE with links to all the fabulous projects.

So, then we decided to all pick someone else’s project and do a “wall art flip flop”.


DIY Wall Art Flip Flop - Uncookiecutter.com

Go check out all the other flips, there is some great stuff!

1.Vintage Paint and More, 2. Our House, Now a Home, 3. Refasionably Late,

4. Casa Watkins, 5. The House Down the Lane, 6. Shabby Grace Blog

I picked #12, a piece from Refashionably Late‘s cool black and white gallery wall.  I have a black and white theme going on in here and this project was so easy and quick. I had the “R” lying around, and I couldn’t figure out where I wanted it to go.  It was looking a little drab by itself.  Plus, I had all the materials that I needed so it cost me nothing.  Cha-ching!

DIY Wall Art Flip Flop - Uncookiecutter.com

Ruthie used a canvas, which I didn’t have, but I did have a square piece of plywood just the right size.  This project is so great because you could even use a piece of cardboard.  Really, anything would work for this wall art flip flop.  Visit Ruthie to get all the details HERE.

DIY Wall Art Flip Flop - Uncookiecutter.com

Here it is all set up in our game room.  Will I ever move on to another room?  Maybe, one day…haha.  Here are some links to the other projects on this wall.

Broken Mirror Mayhem, Dart Board Upgrade, Pool Rack Upgrade DIY Industrial Throw Blanket Ladder

And, the game room wall is complete.  I’m moving on the ledge on the left.


Thanks for stopping by!


DIY Wall Art Flip Flop - Uncookiecutter.com

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  1. I love it April! Your game room is looking fabulous and what a perfect spot for the new art work! I’m loving black and white right now too!

  2. Hey April ~ You and I are on the same wavelength, because I flip flopped the same project! :0) I love how the black & white stripes look on your game room wall. Such a gorgeous statement piece! And I love that you used plywood instead of a canvas. Using what I have always makes me extra proud of a project! Awesome work!!

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