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Father’s Day Gifts to Make the Outdoor Chores Easier

I can’t believe it’s almost Father’s Day.  You know how people are always saying it goes by so fast?  Well, I have been feeling it lately with the kiddos being the ages where they are both super busy and all. It seems like all the holidays and birthdays just come so fast. Now it’s time for Father’s Day again and since my husband takes care of most of the outside housework we started talking about the tools that he uses to make the yard chores quicker and easier so that we can have a few spare moments to enjoy life.  I decided to share with you my husbands favorites and a few that are on our wish list.  

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Weed Eaters

So, as silly as it seems the weed eater is my favorite outdoor tool.  Not because I ever use it.  I honestly don’t think I’ve ever touched it.  But, it just cleans everything up so nice and neat and when my husband gets done cutting the grass, I love to watch the weed eater go to work.  Is that weird?  Anywho, he bought a  RYOBI string trimmer a couple of years ago and loves it.

Cordless Sander

I put sanders on all my lists because they are just so functional and we use them all the time.  It’s another one of those things that is just so handy to have around.  Cordless ones are great for using around the yard because, well it’s cordless.

Garage Door Opener

I wrote a whole post about our garage door opener here, and after over a year we still love this thing.  I love the retractable power cord and wireless bluetooth speakers that plug right into it.  Plus, with all my woodworking tools hanging out in the garage, I love the security it offers.  And, I installed it myself, so this thing would make a great gift.

Reciprocating Saw 

We have used the reciprocating saw a ton, mainly for demolition work.  We took out the deck, cut down tree limbs and even just recently used it to rip out the kitchen cabinets (more on that soon)! So, this little saw is another one of our favorites.

Chain Saws

While our chainsaw isn’t our most used tools, it’s one of those tools that is very useful when we do need it if that makes since.  Buying a chain saw will save you so much money, especially if you have lots of small trees and stumps that need to be taken out.  We use it for chopping up broken limbs, and trimming trees.

Leaf Blowers

Not only are leaf blowers super useful for you know, blowing leaves, but I use this baby all the time for cleaning out my garage.  Sawdust abounds, since I still don’t have a dust collection system, so this baby has saved me a number of times.

Power Washer

Okay, can I just admit something a little embarrassing here?  I have rented a power washer so many times.  It’s about $40 for a couple of hours.  I have to drive 15 minutes, load it into the truck, drive back, rush through the job and then get it cleaned up, load it back up, drive back and return.  All that time and money and I had no idea how inexpensive it was just to BUY MY OWN.  Duh.  I’m working through the differences now and I’ll be sharing soon how to pick out a power washer if you have this immediately revelation like I did and want a power washer.

So, hopefully this will give you some ideas for the hubs or father that loves to work in the yard. Let me know what your favorite outdoor tools are below!

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Father’s Day Outdoor Tools Gift Guide

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