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Why Floor Tile is My FAVORITE Type of Flooring!

Hello and welcome back!  After getting a ton of questions and compliments on the hardwood-looking floor tile in my husband’s office that I decided to share with you why I love tile so much.  We have had everything – carpet, laminate, hardwood,  vinyl and tile.  I think that covers most of the major floor covering types, and hands down tile is my favorite.  In our last house, we renovated the kitchen and living room, opening up a wall and making one large space.  We replaced all the carpet and vinyl that had been in those rooms with tile.  Every since then I’ve sworn that anytime I replace a floor, I’ll use tile. So, why do I love it so much?  Here’s my list.

Why Floor Tile is my Favorite Choice for Flooring -

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  1. Easy to clean – No doubt, the number one reason I love tile is because of the ease of clean.  Unlike carpet, which I now can’t stand at all, when you clean tile, it’s clean.  Like, all the way clean.  You can scrub it, scrap it and mop it and everything comes off.  No soaking, no staining, no lingering smells.Why Floor Tile is my Favorite Choice for Flooring -
  2. Feels cool and nice underfoot – A lot of people will disagree with me on this, but I love the way tile feels under feet.  It’s awesome.  It’s cool and hard and kind of refreshing.  A few people told me I would hate the hard, cold feeling but I think that is a myth.  I love it.  Plus, around the bed and couches, there are area rugs. I still prefer the tile. We have this fun Spanish tile through a lot of the house and I love the way it feels. Look at those tan lines.  Why Floor Tile is my Favorite Choice for Flooring -
  3. Cheaper than most – Tile can be expensive, but almost any flooring can be expensive if you buy the most expensive version of that floor.  There are some very cheap options for tile – from under $2 a sq ft.  The hardwood-looking tile we got for the office was $1.78 per square ft, which is a great price for any floor.  The cost with tile usually comes in the installation, but in my opinion, you can install tile yourself.  HERE‘s how we did it.Why Floor Tile is my Favorite Choice for Flooring -
  4. Water-Resistant – YOU CAN GET IT WET.  Unlike hardwood and carpet, it’s awesome for areas that there might be spills, wet feet or doggy accidents.  The laminate floors that we currently have and HATE through a large portion of our home – read why HERE, get warped every time a little water gets on them.  I know some people have better laminate floors that they love, but I’ve had such a bad experience that I can’t vouch for them at all.  Here’s what happened when I didn’t get the water off the laminate fast enough.  Why Floor Tile is my Favorite Choice for Flooring -
  5. Durable – Tile doesn’t scratch, stain or break very easily at all. We’ve had durability problems with all of our other floors.  The laminate warps, edges crack and the stain literally rubs off in places exposing the ugly particile board underneath. Why Floor Tile is my Favorite Choice for Flooring - UncookieCutter.comOur last house had vinyl in the bathrooms and it scratched so easily.  Carpet is just the worst with dogs and kids, ugh. Every spill and accident tells a story for years to come, no matter how hard I clean it.  And the hard wood we’ve had warps with water and also scratches easily.   Tile can crack, but this is rare and leads me to my next point (#6) Most of the time we drop anything, the thing we drop breaks.  We have yet to break a piece of tile in either house.
  6. Easy to replace one damaged spot – On the off chance it does break or crack, you are able to replace one piece without replacing a whole section.  With carpet or vinyl, if a spot gets damaged, you have to replace the entire area or room, whenever a natural break would be.  The times I’ve put down tile, I always buy a few extra pieces, then if one does break, you can replace it.  Not the easiest, mind you – but it can be done :).
  7. Now that they make it look like hardwood, it is soooo pretty.  The ONLY hangup I had before was that the hardwood had a look I loved, but now they’d solved that problem.  There are so many options for hardwood-looking floor tile now, as well as so many grout options.

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Look how pretty this hardwood tile can be!

Why I love floor tile -

Flordia Tile Home Collection Beautiful Wood Cherry – $2.99/sq ft

Why I love tiled floors -

MS International Classico Blanco – $1.98/sq ft

Why I love tile floors and where to buy -

MARAZZI Montagna Wood Vintage Chic – $2.49/sq ft

Why I love tile for flooring and where to buy -

MARAZZI Montagna Rustic Bay – The Home Depot – $1.98/sq ft

Here’s a little hint – I picked one of the above for the new bathroom!!!  HAPPY DANCE!!

Really, there are so many beautiful options for floor tile, trendy to tranditional.  Here are some more funky options – look at that faux brick tile!!!!

Why I love tiled floors -

Merola Tile Haxatile Matte Nero – $9.99/sq ft

Why I love tile for flooring -

Merola Tile Metro Soho Subway Glossy (Assorted Colors) – $7.98/sq ft

Why I love tile flooring -

MS International Rustico Brick – $4.99/sq ft

Why I love floor tile -

Merola Tile Twenties Diamond – $1.98/sq ft


So, what do you guys think?  Do you love floor tile or hate it?  What is your flooring of choice?

Thanks for stopping by!


Why Floor Tile is the Best

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Why I love tile for flooring -

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Ankit Kumar

Friday 11th of June 2021

Hey your blog about tile flooring is so good. I explored a website ' Symphony International ' which has a wide range of different flooring. Do check!

Zoe Campos

Monday 1st of March 2021

It's interesting to know that you love the cold, hard feeling that tile flooring can give your feet. We've been considering this material for some parts of the house and we need to know other benefits that we can have aside from being waterproof. I think it's best to talk with contractors and see if this is a good choice.


Monday 12th of April 2021

I do, but it's not for everyone for sure!

deepika maheshwari

Friday 15th of May 2020

Thanks For sharing the post. Keep up the good work


Monday 18th of November 2019

I agree with you on choose tile for house. It is so durable, and most important thing is that it is easy to clean! The options now are much more than before, we can even buy tile which looks like wood! Thanks for sharing!


Wednesday 30th of January 2019

What options can you recommend for stairs? I want to replace the flooring throughout my townhouse with either this product or vinyl plank flooring but it's a 2-story unit and I don't know how to handle the stairs.


Wednesday 6th of February 2019

If you take the carpet up is there wood underneath?

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