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Whimsical and Fun Fall Front Porch Makeover

Hello and welcome back!  If you have been following along, you’ve seen a little sneak peek of my recent front porch makeover.  I wanted to share more details on how I put it all together.  I’ll also be sharing with you some of my friend’s gorgeous front porches with you.  So, if you are here from Refresh Living, Welcome!  In case my wacky taste isn’t for you, I’ve got tons more to show you!  Thank you to Tara from Lehman Lane for hosting this hop, she’s the best.

Fall Front Porch Makeover - UncookieCutter.com

This started as a challenge from The Home Depot, which you can read more about HERE. To sum it up, they wanted us to build the wheelbarrow they were teaching at their Do-It-Herself classes and put our own personal spin on it.  While pursuing Pinterest one day, I saw some Tim Burton-themed decor and I loved it.  I wanted to do a Tim Burton Halloween front porch, but it seemed a bit early for Halloween.  Okay, to some it seemed a bit early.  I’m usually ready for Halloween by beginning of September.  Anyway, I wanted to do a porch that was fall-appropriate but that I could easily transition to Halloween at the beginning of October without having to redo the whole porch.  So, here’s where I started.  Inviting, no?

Fall Front Porch Makeover - UncookieCutter.com

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I happened to be at the hardware store and see concrete paint and instantly decided that the porch could use a new coat of paint.  Another one of those things that I don’t know why I didn’t do earlier!  I’ll have more info on that later, but it was super easy.  I started with the wheelbarrow since that was the inspiration piece.  I did some black and white stripes with a spiral wheel.  Then I wanted to plan my porch around that.  I painted some black and white pumpkins and had the idea to add some curtains when I saw THESE at Walmart. I don’t know why I didn’t think to put curtains here before, they totally transform the space.  Then I started adding all the black and white.  But, it needed some color. So, I added a little orange.

Fall Front Porch Makeover - UncookieCutter.com

I got that big pot at Wal-Mart for super cheap, because all of their outdoor/gardening stuff is on sale this time of year.  It was very easy to add some stripes using white duck tape.

Fall Front Porch Makeover - UncookieCutter.com


But, it was still missing something.  I tried a crazy striped rug and it was way to much, so back to the store with that one ;).

Fall Front Porch Makeover - UncookieCutter.com

Then I had an idea to add some purple. Wasn’t sure if the purple and orange would work together, but I love it with the playful black and white. I got these and all my flowers and branches at Hobby Lobby and they are beautiful!

Fall Front Porch Makeover - UncookieCutter.com


I had originally used hay bales, but they didn’t really go with the theme, so my friend suggested cinderblocks and they go much better.  And they are cheaper, and I think I can work them into my Halloween theme a little better.

Fall Front Porch Makeover - UncookieCutter.com

Fall Front Porch Makeover - UncookieCutter.com

The finishing touch was the rug I got from Tuesday Morning.  I always forget about Tuesday Morning, but was walking by and saw it in the window display.  It was $16!  Score!  Plus Stella girl loves to lay on it and pretend like she’s going to protect the house.

Fall Front Porch Makeover - UncookieCutter.com


Again, I started with hay but switched it to Spanish moss for the filler for inside the wheelbarrow and pot.

Fall Front Porch Makeover - UncookieCutter.com Fall Front Porch Makeover - UncookieCutter.com


The rocker is off the back porch but it looks so much better here I might just leave it.  It does need some new paint, maybe for Christmas decor it’ll get a fresh coat.

Fall Front Porch Makeover - UncookieCutter.com

Now check out what my friends  have done with their front porches/gardens.  Some amazing stuff here!

Fall Front Porch Makeover - UncookieCutter.com

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Fall Front Porch Makeover - UncookieCutter.com

Thanks so much for stopping by and checking out my fun and whimsical fall front porch.  Be sure to stop by tomorrow to continue the hop with Emily of Two Purple Couches (I just LOVE her).  Let me know if you have any questions!


Front Porch Makeover

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Fall Front Porch Makeover - UncookieCutter.com


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  1. That looks so awesome! Definitely inspiring me to do something with mine (which currently looks like an episode of Sanford and son)!

  2. Your Halloween themed front porch makeover came out amazing! Love the idea of the curtains and those cinder blocks work great. Yeah, why are bales of hay so pricey sometimes? What I don’t like is that they often leave stains on pavers/concrete. I love the Tim Burton theme. Great job! Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank you Tee! I agree about the hay! I did worry about the cinderblocks scratching the new painted concrete, so I just put some old dish rags underneath. I’ll see how it did when I switch out the decor. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Your porch looks amazing, April!! The black and white palette is perfect for fall and Halloween, and you know I adore your pops of purple 😉

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