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Gallery Wall & How to Build a Small Console Table

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I am so excited to finally have stuff on the wall.  It doesn’t seem like it at all, but we’ve been in the new house for six months.  I’ve painted a lot, but concentrated a lot of time in the main room and it is finally starting to feel like a home.

I like to read blogs, and pull most of my inspiration from online bloggers.  I seem to always read about how they do this and that for no money.  Well, I decided to challenge myself to not spend any money on this wall.  Well, the one half anyway.  And I did it!  Not a dime.  Yay!  I’m almost never able to do that.

The wall in question is really long, but I’m treating the spaces like two separate rooms.  It got really overwhelming thinking of the whole wall as one space, so I decided to split it up.

DIY Gallery Wall - Uncookiecutter.com

I decided to just concentrate on the side by the couches to start with.  I saw lots of inspiration online, but I kept coming back to THIS gallery wall by FirstHomeLoveLife.



I especially loved her birch trees, as I’ve become kind of obsessed with them lately.

I also kept seeing these little half console tables and thought I could build and it would be the perfect size for this space.  But I didn’t want to buy any legs – because of the no money thing.  So I kept looking around until I found this one.  I could build this with scrap wood in my garage!  I found it on ArtsandClassy site and her 6 Beautiful Entryway Roundup. It really is a beautiful roundup!  The image source wasn’t working, so if you know who’s it is, let me know!



So, I started by building and painting the birch trees. Click HERE to find out just how I did that.  It was actually very easy and I used supplies I already had, so again it was free!

DIY Gallery Wall - Uncookiecutter.com

Then I built the little table, which was also super easy. This is all I needed.

DIY Gallery Wall - Uncookiecutter.com

This was all scrap wood.  A couple of 2x4s cut at 30 degrees on both ends, parallel.  A 2×6 cut to desired length and a 4×4 cut to desired length.  Then I just attached it all together and had my cute little table!  I attached the bottoms with pocket holes and the top piece I attached with countersunk wood screws and then used wood filler to fill the holes.

DIY Gallery Wall - Uncookiecutter.com


I actually built two and tried different arrangements, but ended up liking it better with just one.  Then I added two furniture “feet” to the bottom and brought it in for a bit to figure out the rest of the wall.

Then I looked around all the stuff we bought from the last house and tried to find pieces I thought would work well together and in the space.

I grabbed quite a few and cut out brown paper silhouettes of them and put them up and figured out the most appealing  collage I could.


DIY Gallery Wall - Uncookiecutter.com


Next I used leftover stains I had to stain the table and hung the art and viola!

DIY Gallery Wall - Uncookiecutter.com

I did attach the table to two studs in the wall by drilling two pocket holes under the top and securing them with pocket hole screws.  I also didn’t want the vase or frames to fall off, so I attached them with command strips to the wall.

DIY Gallery Wall - Uncookiecutter.com

The other thing I love about this is that these pieces are very special to us.  Except the cogs clock, which I just thought was cool and actually bought at Walmart a year or so ago!  The two bigger prints are pictures my brother-in-law took in Richmond (where we moved from) and framed and sent to us for a house warming gift.  And the smaller pic on the table is a pic of Hargis Hall in Auburn.  I grew up in Auburn and Matt and I both went to school there and we got married there.  His aunts last name was Hargis and so we bought her this print years ago, before she died.   She left it to us after her passing.  My sister bought me the string art tree after the now infamous “poisoning of the trees” at Auburn years ago. The “r” I bought at a salvage store (it’s our family name initial).  I love it all!

DIY Gallery Wall - Uncookiecutter.com


So, that’s how I did it!  I actually did it without spending money!  I was pretty excited, so was my husband ;).

The room is starting to really come together.  Having stuff on the walls makes it feel so much more like home!

DIY Gallery Wall - Uncookiecutter.com

That’s my attempt at using the Pano feature on the iPhone, haha.

Here’s all the projects I’ve done in this room so far.  Don’t forget to check back soon on how I made those easy peasy very large birch tree paintings.

TV Surround and Media Shelves 

Industrial Coffee Table

Stacked Crate End Table

Tree Stump End Table

How I picked the Paint Colors

DIY Gallery Wall - Uncookiecutter.com

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Details on how I built this easy DIY Console table and ideas for a gallery wall layout for your farmhouse living room.

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  1. Hi, I love the birch trees, and like you, a little obsessed with them! Can you please send me the directions for doing them? Thank you

    1. Hi Teri! Thanks so much for stopping by. I am writing a tutorial on them writing now, I’m going to publish a new blog post very soon. My sister, Teri, spells her the exact same way!

  2. That wall looks great! And for free? Pretty amazing. I wish I had the motivation to do that kind of stuff, we move too often for these kind of projects. I like the r cutout with the paintings on the wall.

    1. Thank you! It was a big challenge for me to do it without spending money. I honestly didn’t’ think I could do it with the stuff I had. Thanks for stopping by!

    1. A lot of Pinterest and staring at things on the floor, haha. Then I just sort work it until I like it :). Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Our walls are still mostly bare four years in, so I am beyond impressed at your skills in assembling this beautiful gallery wall. I just love the birch trees, and it’s great that much of what you used has personal meaning to you.

    1. I honestly didn’t think I could do it. I actually hate when I read blog posts where they say “no money”, but that’s why I challenged myself to do it! Thanks for stopping by, Yanique!

  4. So I am super jealous of your creativeness. I am in the process of building a new home, and am trying not to buy all new things. The table you built was so perfect, that I might have to kick my uncrafty self in the butt and attempt it. Thanks! I’m sure I’ll be back to this post in the near future!

  5. LOVE LOVE LOVE this! First of the painted birch trees are amazing, and with such a blank canvas for wall space, they just look like they were meant to be there. The gallery wall in-between the larger art is great! Very well done 🙂

  6. April, what a gorgeous room! My husband really liked that wall when I showed him!
    And the pups snuggled on their bed is too cute!
    Thanks for sharing at Something to Talk About!

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