Glass Jugs – Easy Upcyle Project

Hello!  I just got back into town after a crazy, tiring and fun spring break.  I just wanted to share a quick and easy little upcycle that I did for my new bar area.  A while back, I found some cool looking glass jugs in my front courtyard.  We are working on this area and I found them hanging out under one of the overgrown bushes.  I’ll pulled them out, not knowing what I was going to do with them.

Quick and Easy Glass Jugs Upcycle - UncookieCutter.com

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Sometimes I think about stuff for awhile and come up with something really cool, but sometimes a simple little upcycle is best.

All I did was clean these vases up and sand them very lightly.

Quick and Easy Glass Jugs Upcycle - UncookieCutter.com

And I had some of this lovely Rustoleum spray paint for another project and then decided not to use it.

I love, love, love this paint.  It works so well.  There is a trick, however.  You do have to go very lightly.  I spray a light coat on, let it dry (20 min or more should work), then did probably 5 more very light coats.  I used it until the can was gone – one can was perfect amount for 3 glass jugs.

Quick and Easy Glass Jugs Upcycle - UncookieCutter.com

Then I put about 3 coats of this stuff to help prevent the paint from chipping off the glass.

That’s it!  An easy, effective and best of all – FREE(because I had all supplies on hand) upcycle.  I’ve seen glass jugs like this at thrift stores all the time, so if you like the look you could probably find them pretty easily.  Hobby Lobby always has nice glass jugs, and if you find them on sale, they are very cheap.  Or, you could use old liquor or wine bottles!

Quick and Easy Glass Jugs Upcycle - UncookieCutter.com

I used the jugs in my new bar area, which is coming along nicely. I did run into some snags installing my sliding door, which you can read about HERE.

Bar Area Update - UncookieCutter.com

Thanks so much for stopping by!


Quick and Easy Glass Jugs Upcycle - UncookieCutter.com

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  1. I never knew that Miniwax came in a spray can? That is a game changer. Yours jars are amazing like all of your other projects. Thanks for the great instructions, and War Eagle! 🙂

  2. These are beautiful! Love that coppery color. Thanks for linking up with Creative Spark; I chose your upcycled glass jugs as one of my Features for this week’s party. Hope you have a great rest of your week!

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