Home Office Makeover- One Room Challenge Week 2

Hiya all!  Welcome back to our home office makeover as part of the one room challenge.

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Just as I suspected, the ORC is already kicking my butt.  In case you missed it last week, I decided to participate as a “guest blogger” for the ORC, hosted by Linda over on Calling it Home.  Thanks to everyone who stopped by last week, it was so fun finding new bloggers and getting all wrapped up in the craziness.


Home Office Makeover - ORC Week 2 - UncookieCutter.com


We have had our number of hangups this week and I haven’t gotten as far as I wanted (per usual).  But, I’m excited about our home office makeover and excited to finally be started!  So, this week we were able to get a couple of things done.  We started by cleaning everything out.

Home Office Makeover - ORC Week 2 - UncookieCutter.com

I’ve also email around town to some resale stores looking for someone who wants to pick up the couch and desk.

Home Office Makeover - ORC Week 2 - UncookieCutter.com

I also took off the cabinets on the side and have prepped them for paint.  I painted the cabinets in my last house, but they were nice, real wood.  These are not, haha.  We will see how that goes.

Home Office Makeover - ORC Week 2 - UncookieCutter.com

The outside, believe it or not, is coming along.  The concrete should be poured soon and the pool will start to look like, well…a pool.  Crazy, I know!  The hubs should have a nice view out of the office when it’s all done (fingers crossed)!

Home Office Makeover - ORC Week 2 - UncookieCutter.com


So, I decided to write down what I’m going to be doing for the full home office makeover and here is my list.

  1. Remove popcorn ceiling (yes, just decided to add this fun little chore, because I didn’t have enough to do).
  2. Paint cabinets.
  3. Resurface countertops
  4. Paint Walls and ceiling
  5. Install tile floor (yep, we decided to do this ourselves as well)
  6. Build a table for sitting area.
  7. Make wall art
  8. Build shelves
  9. Build desk
  10. Install curtains and rods.
  11. Install new lighting/upgrade fan

Oh me ghee…that’s a lot now that I’m looking at it.  I can not stress enough that I probably won’t finish on time.  I can’t rush through stuff like so many friends I know can – I’m just not that good yet. I take forever!   Anyway, hopefully next week I’ll have some much better pics!  We will see :).


Thanks so much for joining me!  It was fun to “meet” so many new bloggers last week.  Can’t wait to see everybody’s rooms!


Home Office Makeover - ORC Week 2 - UncookieCutter.com

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  1. Wow! You’ve got quite the “to do” list! I can’t wait to see how it turns out because it sounds awesome! I’ll definitely be back next week to see the progress.

  2. That’s a big project! Painting cabinets (of any kind) is one of my least favorite tasks – right up there with painting trim. I can’t wait to see the room transform.

    1. Hi Amanda! Painting isn’t so bad to me – I always stay so motivated because the outcome can be such a dramatic difference and so refreshing. So glad you stopped by!

  3. I love so much that you aren’t stressing about finishing, but rather, want to do it your own way. Like you, I started in real time last week and your room plans stood out for me because of that. It’s been crazy busy but hanging with all the participants is a great motivator. Good luck for next week!

    1. Rachel, I am so glad you stopped by and said such nice things! It says on her website not to stress, just share your progress, but I feel like I am the only one who is not going to finish. It is so fun, though and it’s so great to see everyone’s spaces. I’m headed over to yours now!

  4. If you stress it takes the joy out of the process, I love that ORC isn’t a competition, just a way to all do something together! I chose a small room (a hallway actually, so not even a full room!) 🙂 for my ORC so I knew I could get it done! It’s my first time this year, so maybe I’ll tackle a bigger project next time. Looking forward to seeing how yours turns out!

  5. The six-week timeline is kicking my butt too! Can’t wait to see how those painted cabinets turn out. Though your list definitely looks daunting, I’m sure you can do more than you think!

  6. April I adore the direction that your room is headed towards! You did SO much better than I did in my room this week.

    I would love for you to share this post at Thoughts of Home on Thursday. I think our readers would really enjoy it!

    Good luck in the upcoming week!

  7. The outside architecture of your house is actually really unique and amazing. I love it! I’m so excited to see your office and backyard and the whole ordeal when you are done with all your DIY magic. Best of luck to you!


    1. Thank you Melissa! We do love the house, it has a great layout and lots of space. It just needs a ton of work, but that’s the fun part :). Thanks for stopping by!

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