Home Office Makeover -One Room Challenge Week 4

ORC logoHi all and welcome back!  I am plucking away, seems to be taking forever, but that’s probably because I have somewhat of a timeline ;).  If this is your first time, I am doing my husbands office makeover for the One Room Challenge hosted by Calling It Home.  I’m participating as a guest participant. If you love seeing room redos, click on the link and see over 200 bloggers room makeovers!  It’s super fun.  I’m redoing the “pool house” into my husbands office.  I put that in quotes, because it doesn’t really function as a pool house at all.  You can read more about the space in my first post HERE.  Also, you can read about our backyard and pool upgrade HERE.  Here is where we are this week.

Home Office Makeover - ORC Week 4 - UncookieCutter.com

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I was dealing with more rain.  That rain really slows down the pool remodel.  When it finally stopped raining, the huge pile of mud dirt had to dry out before it could be moved.  It finally dried enough to be moved before it started raining again.  The nice man was working until 7:30 last night, right as the next storm was rolling in.  The rain came down pretty hard again, so this is what I got to deal with this morning :). It was fun jumping off the mud pile into the office today!


Home Office Makeover - ORC Week 4 - UncookieCutter.com

That building is the office/pool house/whatever, that is where I am working on the office makeover.  The dirt is ready, finally!  The cute little girl up the street asked us the other day if we were trying to get a “clean pool”, haha!  She was serious, the kiddos are ready to swim ;). I’m going to have to figure out a way to pretty up the outside of the building, but that’s a post for a different day.

Home Office Makeover - ORC Week 4 - UncookieCutter.com

If we ever get done, and the pool ever gets done, my husband will have a nice view out of the office watching the kids.

Home Office Makeover - ORC Week 4 - UncookieCutter.com

I got my concrete wall and cabinet refresh finished, which is nice and keeps me motivated.  I will have all the details on how I did the concrete countertops, backsplash and wall next week.  I painted the cabinets in SW Bohemian Lace – this is the white I’m using all over the room.  I used a semi-gloss for the cabinets and trim.  This is where we keep all the pool supplies.

Home Office Makeover - ORC Week 4 - UncookieCutter.com


I also added some hardware to give it some dimension.  I got the cool looking pulls in two different sizes for a GREAT price on Amazon and I love them.

I also got the popcorn ceilings down, which was a MESS.  If you haven’t done it, check out a great tutorial HERE, it’s not hard at all, but it is messy.  Also, make sure you test for asbestos and wear mask and googles.  Then I painted the ceiling in the same SW Bohemian Lace color, but did the ceiling in a flat/matte sheen to help hide all those little spots I didn’t quite sand enough ;).

I got one coat of paint on the planked wall.  I’m going for a shiplap look with the white and navy.  I’ll be featuring some of my sports prints in my office makeover.  I used the same white, but a eggshell sheen here.  I still have another coat to do. I’m trying to decided whether or not to paint the sauna door, but I think I’m going to have too.  That honey brown ain’t working no more.

Home Office Makeover - ORC Week 4 - UncookieCutter.com

I also got one coat of the navy.  I used SW Naval and I love the way it’s looking.  The second coat is always where I make all the lines straight and everything perfect, so I’m looking forward to that :).

Home Office Makeover - ORC Week 4 - UncookieCutter.com

We were also finally able to get out that nasty couch and desk, so that is nice.  Just a reminder of what it looked like a few weeks ago.

Home Office Makeover - ORC Week 4 - UncookieCutter.com


Home Office Makeover - ORC Week 4 - UncookieCutter.com

Home Office Makeover - ORC Week 4 - UncookieCutter.com

What a mess!  Thats about it for this week.  I am hoping to finish up the painting soon this weekend and also buy the floor tiles and materials to start that task Monday (or more likely Tuesday).  We have a cool friend that leant us his wet saw and materials, so I’m excited to try it out!  Hopefully next weeks post will be all about how easy it is to put down ceramic tile, haha.  One can hope.  Here is the tile I picked out, I love it!

Home Office Makeover - ORC Week 4 - UncookieCutter.com

So, what’s left for the office makeover?  I have to get an electrician out. I tried to change some outlets out from off-beige yellow to white and now something is screwed up.  So, I’m going to have them switch the outlets out and hang new pendant lights where the can lights are now. I’m bringing in a rocker my husband likes and a console table I built for the little “nook”.  I am going to hang curtains and finally I’ll build the desk, which I plan to have shelves with that go to the ceiling on the short side.  My husband wants a U-shaped desk, so I’m trying to plan that build out.

Have I mentioned I’m NOT going to be done in two weeks?  Cause, yeah…no.


That’s it for the office makeover this week.  Thanks so much for stopping by!


Home Office Makeover - ORC Week 4 - UncookieCutter.com

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  1. You’ve really come a long way, and it’s looking fabulous! The navy walls are awesome, and I love your floor tiles! Can’t wait to see how they look.

  2. I actually really like the wood door, I think it adds some natural elements. But it’s your space and I’m sure it’ll look great either way.

    1. That’s a good point Justynn! I keep going back and forth. I do think I’m going to paint it just because it’s got some water marks on it that look bad in person, but still not sure. Glad you stopped by!

  3. I love how masculine and nautical the space is looking! Good reference for the pool. And don’t you hate rain delays!?! I hope for your sake you get some dry days soon, I can’t wait to see the finished space!

  4. What a wonderful use of the space. I love the new paint color. You might not be finished come week 6 but this is a great way to get a project started. I look forward to your finished space.

    1. I totally agree, trying not concern myself to much with the deadline, but am ready to throw my husband and his office out of the main house, haha :).

  5. Wow, April! You made some fantastic progress this week. The room looks so much different with all the stuff out of there and the gorgeous new navy walls. The cabinets look amazing with white paint and the door handles you picked too. It hardly even looks like the same space.

  6. That navy color looks almost black in the photos. I like it. The room loos so much better already, and, even if you don’t finish in time, maybe you can finish it for the next challenge?

    1. My husband actually really needs to use the space, so I’ll probably go ahead and finish. Plus, now that I know how this whole challenge works I think I’m going to do a bedroom and just start earlier in the fall! Thanks for coming by!

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