JORD Wood Unique Watch and a $75 Giveaway!

Hi and welcome back! I’ve got something a little different than the usual today.  I was recently asked by JORD wood watches if I would like to try out and give my take on one of their new watches. I was instantly intrigued because I had seen their watches around and I so love that they are made out of wood!  How cool is that?  In case you can’t tell…I love just about any kind of wood product.  So I took a look around their shop and picked one unique watch that caught my eye. Okay, I saw a lot, but I had to pick one. 

JORD Wood Unique Watch -

This post was sponsored by JORD wood watches. All opinions are my own. See my full disclosure policy HERE.

I decided on the Frankie 35 watch.  I wanted to see the Dark Sandlewood and Mint up close, so that is the color combo I choose.  You guys, it is so pretty in person.

JORD Wood Unique Watch -

So, don’t worry – I’m not turning into a fashion blog.  Nobody wants to see my fashion choices.  But, this watch was made out of wood – did I mention that?  So maybe if someone makes some other clothes out of wood, or concrete, or tile maybe, I’d review those too, haha.

JORD Wood Unique Watch -

I love that this watch can be worn everywhere. I’m not the fanciest of people and to be honest, my husband and I don’t really go too many fancy places.  I do have a nice watch, but hardly ever wear it.  This one really fits my style much better and I can wear it every day, but it’s also nice enough that I could wear to dinner or a night out too.

JORD Wood Unique Watch -

This is such a unique watch.  I actually remember seeing a wood watch one time at a small shop when we were visiting my husbands home town.  I remember thinking it was so awesome.  It was also crazy expensive, so I didn’t’ get it.  But, I have thought about that watch and how cool it was many a time, that is why I was so excited when I discovered JORD.

JORD Wood Unique Watch -

Now on to the fun stuff – JORD is giving away a $20 voucher to all who fill out the form below AND they will select one of the entrants to receive a $75 voucher toward a unique watch from Jord of your own.  Did I mention they are made OUT OF WOOD??  So cool.  Anyway, if you love the watch, or wanna see more just click HERE to get a $20 voucher off.  And, one person will win a $75 voucher – score!  Contest runs until October 30, 2016 and you have until Feb 28, 2017 to use your vouchers.


JORD Wood Unique Watch -

That’s it for today.  What do you think of my cool, new unique watch?  Thanks for stopping by!


JORD Wood Watches

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JORD Wood Unique Watch -


Wooden Wristwatch

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    1. I’m not sure, I’ve only had it a couple of weeks. It is much lighter than I expected, which is nice. It says water is not great for the wood, but washing hands and everyday things are fine. I do like that it’s nice, but casual if that makes sense. I’ll make sure to come back and update after I’ve had it a while. Thanks for stopping by Kerri!

  1. I love the dark wood and the mint color face on the watch. So pretty. Do these come in different sizes for women or all one size? Thanks love it.

    1. No, they have a bunch of different sizes! Plus, they custom fit your wrist before they ship, you just send them your measurement. Mine fits perfectly!

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