Kitchen Remodel Phase 2 Reveal

I know it may seem like we’ve been working on our kitchen remodel forever.  That is, if you even remember that we are redoing our kitchen.   When we first looked at this house, over six years ago now, we hesitated because of how awful  the kitchen was.  Of course, I thought it would be the first thing we fixed up, but here we are and it’s still a work in progress.

We've finished up Phase 2 of our years long kitchen remodel and we have all the details now on the blog.

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In the Beginning

Here’s a look back at where we started.  You can get all the details on phase 1 of the remodel here.

First things First

We took out the window that was there. We wanted to be able to fit cabinets for glasses on both sides, and the previous window wouldn’t allow that.  Plus, lets be honest, it was ugly.  So, we opted for a longer, skinner window.  I love it.  We put some birds feeders out there so I can see them while doing dishes.  

First things first, the sink and cabinets on that side had to come out.

One of the biggest things we did in this kitchen remodel was that we removed another wall and really opened this area up.  We had this little hallway that led to the garage door.  The cabinets were dark and dingy and the ones behind the door couldn’t even be opened up without first shutting yourself in the hallway.  Really poor design.  There was a closet in the garage that was disgusting and gross and one of those places that was always filled with junk.  So, we decided to turn that closet into part of the kitchen.  That’s the same doorway in both pics, we just put a new door in.

As you can see, the floor was an absolute disaster. We had to completely level it, which was a nightmare. Admittedly, I could not figure out how to DIY this, so I called in help. The flooring company we hired did an amazing job getting this floor ready for tile.

Putting it All Together

To make room for the fridge that was previously on the other side of the kitchen, we moved the dishwasher to the other side of the sink and installed the cabinets around everything. 

The painting of the cabinets. Always a blast :).

We also installed this amazing new sink that I LOVE.  Don’t ask me how I know this, but I can fit an entire dishwasher’s worth of dishes in this baby. 

When the wall and cabinets came out, it opened it up for my favorite part of this renovation so far.  I think.  Maybe not…. 

There was a coat closet right when you walked in the front door. If you look past this closet, you’ll see the wall that was removed.  We have another coat closet in this area already, so I decided I would much rather have a pantry and smaller coat closet instead of smaller and larger coat closets. We’ve been using the smaller one for a while and it’s been totally fine. Turns out you don’t need that much space for coats. 

Kitchen Remodel Phase 2

We had the wall built out and put the door on the kitchen side and added a pantry.

Kitchen Remodel Phase 2

A Little Phase 1 Update

We also made one little upgrade since finishing phase 1, which was we switched the electric stove out for a gas stove.  After we installed the electric stove, we discovered that there was gas in the wall behind it.  I was so upset.  Well, I actually kind of hated that electric stove.  When we were out of town, our dog sitter was cooking and the glass top cracked.  

Now, I knew I could get a new top for around $150, however, I also knew a new gas stove for this space was around $500.  The problem was getting to the gas line.  So, for two years I lived and cooked on a cracked stovetop. I would NOT recommend this. I honestly can’t believe noone cut themselves, or that spills or boil overs never shorted out the stove.  Finally, an opportunity came when our entire living room ceiling fell.  More on that here.  It was horrible, however – we were able to get to the gas line and drop it down.  So, finally – new stove!  I LOVE it.  I’ve never had a gas cooktop before, but it’s worth the hype.   I got this oven at

Kitchen Remodel Phase 2

Up Next

Here’s a little sneak peak at phase 3. I’m building a corner bench in this area and a little breakfast nook here.

Kitchen Remodel Phase 2

Phase 2 – Done!

So, for this phase of the kitchen, we have loved the new space and style.  

Kitchen Remodel Phase 2
Kitchen Remodel Phase 2
Kitchen Remodel Phase 2

A peak back at Phase 1.

Kitchen Remodel Phase 2

To finish up phase 3 of this kitchen remodel, I’ll be finishing the bench, replacing the sliding door with some beautiful new French doors that will one day lead to an outdoor kitchen and build some “lockers” beside the pantry for backpacks and what nots.  We are so close!

Well, that’s about it.  I really hope we will have the third and final part of this kitchen done at some point, but who knows :).  That’s all for now.  Thanks for stopping by! 


Kitchen Remodel Phase 2 Reveal

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Kitchen Remodel Phase 2

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