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No Sew Adult Anna Frozen Costume for Cheap!

Hi  and welcome back!  We love Halloween around here.  We all dress up, party, trick or treat, you know general holiday fun.  A few years back, my daughter wanted to go as Elsa and Anna.  I tried to talk the boys into Olaf and Kristoff, but the Ninja Turtles won out for them.  Elsa was easy but the adult Anna Frozen costume was a little tougher to find.  

Easy, Cheap and No Sew DIY Anna Frozen Costume -

Bonnie kinda looks like Elsa, so no problems there. She had to have the dress at Spirit Halloween (even though my friend Kim had a much prettier one), she is a girl who knows what she wants.  So I got to looking, but guess what?  At the time they didn’t make an adult Anna dress that didn’t make me look like a 12 year old wanna be.  Every one I could find was either super cheap looking, way too short or a million dollars.  So, I made one.  It was actually was very easy and cost about $40- $45 if you happen to not have any of this stuff lying around (like me).  If you do, even better!

Easy, Cheap and No Sew DIY Anna Frozen Costume -

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Note: I made this costume a few years ago before I had the blog.  I found these similar items that I think will work just as well.


I saw some tutorials for No Sew costumes online, but I just can’t do the faux elastic around my waist.  It is not good.  But yoga pants?  Yeah, that’s my style.  At Wal Mart they sell a dark navy skirt for about $12 that has a top like the yoga pants. I found a similar HERE on Amazon.

Easy, Cheap and No Sew DIY Anna Frozen Costume -

Oh yeah, comfy!

Sorry I don’t have more pics, this is pre-blog so I’ll explain what I did best I can.

I used a white eyeliner pen (don’t ask me why I have this-I don’t know) to stencil the flowers on.  Then just went over with puffy paint.

Easy, Cheap and No Sew DIY Anna Frozen Costume -

I stenciled paint around the bottom of the skirt, the cuffs of the shirt and the tank.

Easy, Cheap and No Sew DIY Anna Frozen Costume -

For the tank, I cut  a  V along the front – on the top and bottom and used fabric glue to glue the gold ribbon along the V and arm holes.

For the cape, I used this tutorial from Skip to My Lou.  Instead of ribbon, I just glued the two pieces together, cut holes in the front and used an old hair clip to clip them together. Actually I wore that hair clip in my wedding!

Then I just braided my hair, painted a white streak and added some freckles with an eyeliner and used my black boots that I wear everywhere. Easy, cheap and turned out pretty good.

Here we are, doing our best to recreate this stock movie photo.  She nailed the expression.


Easy, Cheap and No Sew DIY Anna Frozen Costume -

We even won our neighborhood costume contest!


Easy, Cheap and No Sew DIY Anna Frozen Costume -

So, pretty easy! No Sewing required and you can have an adult Anna Frozen costume!   Let me know if you have any questions and thanks for stopping by!


Anna Frozen Costume

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Easy, Cheap and No Sew DIY Anna Frozen Costume -

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  1. Best. Anna. Costume. Ever! And, I love that it’s no-sew. You really did such a fantastic job! Pinning to my costume board!

  2. You are so talented! The pic of you and Bonnie recreating the Frozen picture is one of my favorites! Love how She nailed the pose!

  3. How adorable! Great job on the costumes. I love all your no sew ideas because the only thing I’ve ever sewn is a pillow in Home Ec like two decades ago. Great post!

    1. Thanks Yanique! I took one sewing class years ago and haven’t gotten the machine out since. Maybe one day! Thanks for stopping by!

  4. April! I love this! I know it’s been awhile since this post, but do you happen to recall how many yards of pink fabric you got to make the cape?

    1. Thanks so much Carrie! Sorry it’s taking me so long to get back to you, I was trying to find it but cannot. I know my daughter still plays with it, but it has disappeared into the depths of the toy closet. I’m guessing about two yards, but that is just a guess. Good luck!

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