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Pool Rack Upgrade Including Chalk Holder

Hi and welcome back! A few months ago I joined a group of DIY/Home Decor Bloggers that I have been having so much fun getting to know.  They are truly an inspiration to me and I am so thankful to have found the group.  You might remember a couple of weeks ago a bunch of us teamed up to show off our DIY Wall Art ideas and projects.  Well, we came up with a new challenge this month.  We all ordered these little vases from Amazon and wanted to see what different things we could come up with.  I decided to update our pool rack and make this simple little vase a chalk holder.

Pretty little vases to start, but what some girls came up with – WOW!!  Head over to their blogs to see all the details on how they transformed these vases.

Mini Vase Makeover by Refashionably Late
Kids Job Listing by Our House Now A Home
Desk Accessory Holder by Up To Date Interiors
Ceramic Pot by Farmhouse 40
My Two Cents by Penny Love Projects
Pool Rack Upgrade by Uncookie Cutter
How cute are those ideas?

So, for mine I decided to make it functional for our space. When we moved into the house, we bought a pool table to put in the main room.  We love to have get togethers with friends and one of the main reasons we bought this house was this room when you walk in the front door.  A “gaming” area seemed to be a great solution, especially because we are huge sports fans and wanted a fun and inviting space. To be honest, we are not great pool players – but if we keep practicing, maybe?

One of the things about a pool table that I didn’t realize is that you have things like a triangle and cue sticks and chalk that end up all over the place if you don’t have a place for them.  I bought this kind of boring but functional pool rack from Amazon

I liked it, but it needed some work. It was the best one for the price I could find.  The first problem was that when you install it, you are left looking at this at eye level.

Pool Rack Upgrade and July Create and Share Challenge - Uncookiecutter.com

Ugh!  Even if I painted over the lines, the ugly wall anchor screws were right in my face.  So, I started by taking a scrap piece of board and cutting it to the size I wanted.  Then, I used PicMonkey to create a little photo collage thingy.

Pool Rack Upgrade and July Create and Share Challenge - Uncookiecutter.com

I love PicMonkey, it’s so easy to create cool stuff and edit photos.  I just sorta played around until I got something I liked and then orderd an 11×14 print from Shutterfly.  I actually did this a few months ago and had been holding onto it, waiting for a way to use it.  So, after cutting the board I did a quick stain and then cut up my pic.  I modge podged it onto the board, waited for it to dry and then trimmed the edges.

Pool Rack Upgrade and July Create and Share Challenge - Uncookiecutter.com

After it was all done, I attached a command strip to the back and slid it into place.  It was so easy and so much nicer looking than the screws.

Then, I decided I needed a holder for the chalk and since I was already looking for a unique way to use the vase thingy, I decided to try it.  We’ve got a little industrial vibe going in this room so I wanted to make it a little more rugged looking.  To add a little texture, I mixed together wood filler and glue. Pool Rack Upgrade and July Create and Share Challenge - Uncookiecutter.comI sanded the vase down some so it would stick and then added the mixture all around.

Pool Rack Upgrade and July Create and Share Challenge - Uncookiecutter.com

After letting it dry, I used some stencil stickers to give me an outline, then spray painted it with Rustoleaum Metalic Oil Rubbed Bronze spray paint.

So, after it dried, I hung it and added the chalk.  Works perfect, and I love having the chalk off the side of the table.

Pool Rack Upgrade and July Create and Share Challenge - Uncookiecutter.com

And here is my new pool rack, all finished.  I also had to had some “L” brackets to the bottom of the shelf to keep it from moving when the cues were being put up and taken down.  Again, for the money, though it was worth it.

Edit 2

Thanks for stopping by!


Pool Rack Update and July Create and Share Challenge - Uncookiecutter.com

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  1. I just love what you did with the planter! The finish on it is so creative. It looks like a natural metallic container. I never thought of mixing those two items to make a finish. The name wall art is cool too! I love picmonkey as well. Sometimes it runs slow, but it’s worth it to get great art. Thanks for taking part in the first Create and Share!

  2. I love how you are using it to hold the chalk for the pool table acccessories! Great idea! Fun little set up all together and helps give the normal billiard holder a fun look!

  3. I love the idea of all y’all taking one item and seeing what you can do. That’s so fun! Your pool rack looks great–functional AND attractive.

  4. Love who you did for the pool rack update & what your blogger friends did with their own creations! Awesome idea for the kid chore/job jar!

      1. Also, you were our most popular link at the Talented Tuesday party last week! Yay! I hope you stop by the blog and check out the feature 🙂

  5. Hi April!
    I love seeing posts like this where you all start with the same item but come up with so many different results! What a fun idea to have a game room right when you walk in.
    Thanks for partying with us at Talented Tuesday! We are featuring your post tomorrow. 🙂
    Hope you are having a great day!

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