Vinyl Organization Station – A Quick & Easy DIY

Hi and welcome back! This month I was challenged to do a super quick and easy 10 min DIY organization project.  I have this idea to redo my whole desk/office area but I’m not quite ready for it yet.  It’s actually part of my ridiculous closet.  This house is old and weird and for some reason the closets are ginormous.  It’s great, but if there is any woman in America who doesn’t need a ginormous closet, it’s probably me.  Anyway, I’m turning half of it into my office and I have big plans for the whole room.  But, until I get to those, I decided to quickly spruce up my cutting machine supplies into a little vinyl organization station.

10-Min Vinyl Organization Station -

Ever since I got my new Silhouette Cameo back in October my desk has been a mess.  I kept thinking that if I stood the rolls of vinyl up they would somehow stay like that. I was in desperate need of some vinyl organization.

10-Min Vinyl Organization Station -

And I was keeping all my Silhouette pens in the same little case they came in.

10-Min Vinyl Organization Station -

I picked up some vinyl at Wal-Mart the other day and as I walked past the desk organization items, I noticed that rolls of vinyl fit perfectly in letter trays. If you get stackable letter trays, you could stack as many as you needed. I knew the cutting mats wouldn’t fit into regular magazine holders, but they fit perfectly in the magazine holders that didn’t’ have a front flap.  I desperately needed a solution for this, because my mat looks like this all the time…

10-Min Vinyl Organization Station -

How is it that sawdust can travel all the way from my garage to the depths of my closet and survive the vacuum and still end up on the floor of my closet?  Anyway, the simple and super cheap plastic organizers worked perfectly.  Plus, I found a caddy with super low sides that were the perfect size for my silhouette pens.  I didn’t like the glossy black, though so I scuffed them up and spray painted them with Rustoleum Oil Rubbed Bronze spray paint.

10-Min Vinyl Organization Station -

And I just put them together and viola!  Ten-minute organization hack!  This will be perfect until I get to redo this whole space.

10-Min Vinyl Organization Station -

Oh, and I used my pens to create easy little vinyl labels on the side!

10-Min Vinyl Organization Station -

10-Min Vinyl Organization Station -


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How easy is that?  How do you organize your vinyl?  I would love one of those huge craft room storage space rooms.  I’ll have to put that in the plan for this room.

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Vinyl Organization Station

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10-Min Vinyl Organization Station -

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  1. Great idea April! I’m in desperate need of organizing my Silhouette stuff too! I have an old drum box I put all mine in. It works because it’s out of sight. But It’s also a huge mess whenever I am looking for something. I love this idea! Thank you for sharing!!


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