Teen Room Remodel

I’ve finally finished Bonnie’s teen room remodel and we are loving the transformation!  I was originally going to go with a pink and grey color scheme, but Bonnie really wanted green.  Admittedly, green isn’t my favorite and I wasn’t sure what I was going to do.  Then, we walked into Target and Bonnie saw this Opalhouse bedding and everything just sort of figured it out from there. I love the jungle theme! Click through to see the before and after.


I got the idea for this bed build from Plank and Pillow.   I saw this pic on IG and was instantly inspired.  You can head over there for more detailed explanation of the build.  I did do it a little differently, but this was the overall inspiration.

The design

I knew we wanted a bunk bed for this teen room, but I originally wanted a queen on top of queen.  But that didn’t work with the ceiling fan, so I had to settle for a twin over queen. You can get more bed details here (coming soon), but again head to Plank and Pillow for full bed build details. I had to put the bed where I did in the room because of the angled ceilings and I wanted as much head room as possible on that top bunk.

I pulled colors from the Jungalow bedding. Bonnie picked green to be the main color.  I went with dark navy and white as accents and picked “Northern Hemisphere” for the green, “Anchors Aweigh” for the navy blue and “Du Jour” as the white. All paint was from the Valspar collection at Lowes. 

First I built the bed, more details on that soon, and then painted the ceiling in the Anchors Aweigh.  It took awhile to scrap and sand all the popcorn off the ceiling.  If you wanna get my tips on scrapping popcorn, head here.  This one was rough, and I had to do a lot of sanding.  I used a flat paint because it was the ceiling and showed a lot of imperfection when I tried the eggshell.  The flat paint hides almost everything. 

The jungle themed wallpaper came from Target.  I decided to go with just an accent of wallpaper, to not make this kid room too busy.  I trimmed it out with some basic trim and it was actually really easy.  Wallpaper went up first, and then I put the trim over the edges the paper.  That’s not how you’re supposed to do it, I just thought it would be easier than trying to careful cut it out. Then I carefully painted out in the Northern Hemisphere green.  The rest of the walls are painted in the Du Jour white. 

Vanity Area

I then moved onto the little vanity area of this remodel.  One thing I love about this old house is that the kid rooms share a Jack and Jill toliet/shower room, but it opens into each room and they have their own little vanity area.  I used stock cabinets to build this area and glass tile that was impossible to cut for the backsplash.  It took forever.  More about that later, but here’s a little sneak peak (click through for one more photo).

This teen room has one more project to finish, the closet.  Hoping to start on that very soon!  

So that’s it for this jungle teen room remodel.  

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