The House Inside

So, here is a quick introduction to the inside of the house.  I’m really just playing with the blog at this point and trying to figure everything out.  These are all “before” pictures.  Hang with me, I’ll have some updates soon!

I’m going to try and walk you through best I can.  So, here we go.

In through the front door and we have…

11040010_10205861794521715_906864415_n (1)This is a great room, we have new couches and a pool table on order. I am planning to build some shelving, occasional tables and maybe a wet bar.  One of the reasons we decided to go with this house was this great entertaining space.  We are hoping to have some nice parties here, soon as I can get some work done.


There is the front door, and the two little pups that like to be wherever I am.


 I am loving the Spanish tile.



From another view..11004122_10205861755160731_744888538_n

 The previous owner did us a solid by putting in these beautiful floors and all new recessed lighting.  So, a couple of nice upgrades to start out with.

So, in that last picture, I’m standing in the dining room. They had it set up as a sitting room during showing, but because of it’s location and size, I’m going to build a table and turn it into a dining room.



And, here, all cleaned out (except for a pile of ninja turtles)11014721_10205861583116430_427205351_n

Through the white doors in the dining room is the awful, horrible kitchen.  Needs a complete gut and redo.  That is coming, but may be a year or so.  Here are some pics of the kitchen now.

11023035_10205892475728726_398909939_n 11039484_10205892475648724_165131105_n


Complete with these fun metal thingys all over the cabinet doors.  Watch out!  He’ll get ya.




Down the hall to the master bedroom, right in the middle of the house.  Very purple-y.  I’m just dying to build a new headboard, have just the right thing picked out and some new bedside tables.  Maybe some chairs over by the window?



I think the craziest part of the house is probably the master bath.  Here are some pics, not quite sure how to explain it.

I’ve never seen a tub sunken into the ground, but this one is and it’s tiny.  Really, so small.  As funny as it is, it’s kind of unusable (except as a dog wash station) so we are planning a gut of this room as well.  The two vanities are nice, and  the closets are glorious.  And by glorious, I mean big.  They also need some love in the aesthetics department.




The closets, on either side of the bath.



11040735_10205892475848729_1832029264_n Maybe I’ll finally learn to sew.  There is a sewing machine buried in the piles of school paperwork ;).

Across from the bedroom are the guest bath and laundry room.The laundry room is a great size, but I can’t wait to get in there and make it a little prettier.  The doggie door is a nice touch, and I love that I can keep all the dog stuff out of the way.












So, then when you get to the end of the hall, there is the den/kids area.  I’m hoping to turn this into more of a kids space, with some work stations and activities.


Through the door on the right is a big studio space, which we would like to convert into a fourth bedroom for guests.  We will have to put a bathroom in.



But to the left of the den is the kids rooms, both of which looked like this at showing.  Charlie room before

Not really for us, but I can see that there is room for improvement.  The closets and vanity areas in each room provide a great layout.

11041428_10205861583556441_1350254034_n 961603_10205861583716445_287598147_n


The kids rooms mirror each other, with the same closets and vanities on each side of the Jack and Jill bathroom, complete with a bidet?  What in the world are we going to use that for :)?  So far, we haven’t been able to figure out how it works.



That about covers the state of the house when we moved in.  If you haven’t seen it, check out the outside in my first post here.  Now, I’m ready to get some work done!  Let’s remodel!

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    1. Haha, thank Bre! I like the size, but I’m trying to figure out how I’m going to make it look better. That’s way down on the list though!

  1. The walk through room by room was awesome!! So much potential there – I know you’ll make it look awesome!

  2. I LOVE your closet space! The whole walk through was very nice. Moving into a new space and making it your own is always fun. Congratulations on your new house! I can’t wait to see your progress.

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