The House

Hello all!  Thanks for coming over to the page.  I’ll be posting what I’m doing with the house here, but wanted to start with a little introduction to the craziness.

When we decided to move to OK, I wanted a new home.  A lot of people here have pools, and I remember telling my Realtor that I wanted a new house with NO pool.  We found a new home we liked.  The yard was tiny, but we liked the house.  But for some reason, it wasn’t perfect so we held off.   Then I saw this home and fell for it-hook,line and sinker.  I just knew it was my house and we could make it a home.  I did have to do a little convincing of the hubs, but I did it.  And he has admitted he loves it too.

Here are some “before” pics and a little info.  I’ll be spending my days building furniture, painting and decorating.  So much has to be done, so here we go.


Here is a pic from the front.  We thought of naming her “the compound”. 10850452_10205520252553925_684982141_nLike I said, a lot of work to be done.






In my opinion, the backyard is much better. Still can’t believe we have a pool (and no idea how to have a pool). When we got here, it was half full of water and the other half filled with leaves. So, we have our work cut out for us there.



We have four  (4!) patios.  I’ve got a lot of table’s to build,haha.

This is the front courtyard/patio.  I am picturing lots of little strings lights and the first table I ever built and dinner parties out here.  Can’t wait for it to warm up so we can use it.




Here are a few more pics of the outside.

.11042194_10205859822592418_1579703563_n (3)11015232_10205859822712421_1940963457_n (1)11040216_10205859822752422_602436835_n (1)

It took my daughter about 4 seconds to find a tree to climb.11042121_10205859822952427_1220729553_n (1)


I’ll be back soon with an introduction to the inside of the house.  For now, I’ll leave you with this.  The sunrises here are amazing.

11040746_10205859822792423_2074595436_n (1)

Sorry about the picture quality and my lack of technological expertise.  I’m learning!  Thanks for joining me!



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  1. Will enjoy watching your progress. Clay and Raven bought a home in Charleston a few years ago. Loved the house, but had a huge hot tub that took over the whole deck. Hot tub was REALLY low on their wish list – so Clay and his Dad spent Christmas vacation dismantling and getting rid of all traces. Then had to replace large portion of the deck. Of course, that decking is no longer available, so pieced it together from wood they’d saved. Took them almost a week, but it looks great. All this to say that its always hard work and usually takes at least twice as long as planned to complete a project, but nothing beats the sense of accomplishment at making something “your own”. Good luck!

    1. How funny, my husband is dying for a hot tub. There was actually one here, but it was so old and looked like it didn’t work so we asked the seller to remove it. We are now trying to figure out a way for my husband to have a hot tub that doesn’t look ridiculous! That’s a future post. Thanks for following!

  2. Good luck with the house and blogging journey. It is so much fun to plan and create a home. I love the outdoor spaces. I am wishing we could be outside about now too!

  3. Welcome to the blogging world, friend! I’m super excited to follow along with your house adventures! And, truth be told, I can’t wait to see what comes up in that yard this spring!

    1. Thanks Kristina! I’m actually looking forward to it now, I wouldn’t have a year ago before my kids were really swimming. Nice to hear positive feedback, thanks for stopping by!

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