Winter Wreaths – Easy and Affordable DIYs

Hello and welcome back!  I have to admit, I’m not a huge fan of wreaths.  I do, however, think a nicely dressed door can make your entrance seem so much more inviting.  So, in hopes of finding something I liked, I started looking around and I found some wreaths that would be perfect for that un-fun time between Christmas and spring. I’ve gathered them up for you here, and all these winter wreaths are easy, affordable and you can do them yourself.  

12 Winter Wreaths that are Easy and Affordable and totally doable. Get all the details at

So, the wreath that got me even thinking about making a wreath was this awesome one from The Jawn Shop.  I love the rustic look and feel and it’s made with found sticks – score!  I ended up making one just like it for my mom and dad.  It was super easy.  Head over to see how to do it HERE.

The Jawn Shop - Wood Slice Wreath

This is a great alternative to a wreath, I love how unique it is and I love that it’s not a circle – it makes it really stand out.   I would love this on a black door especially.  This may be the one I make for my door.  And it’s dollar store snowflakes to boot!  Head over to Rae of Sparkles to get the details HERE.

Rae of Sparkles - Dollar Store Snowflake Hanger

I also like the uniqueness of this one from Satori Design for Living.  I have a thing for rectangles and squares.  Circles for some reason freak me out.  Why is that?  I’m sure there is some deep rooted pshycological issue I have…but I digress.  Get the tutorial for this cool wreath HERE.

Satori Design for Living - Front Porch Decor

PMQ for Two made this artsy painted pine cone wreath that is making me happy.  I think the kids could get in on this one and that would be super cool!  Get all the details HERE.

PMQ for Two - Pinecone Wreath

I love the color combo of this one from My Life from Home. It’s warm and inviting but still feels sleek and modern.  Head over to see how to do it HERE.

My Life from Home - Winter White Wreath

This one is so easy and perfect if you are going for a farmhouse feel.  I love the pop of red on the gray.  Head over to My Blessed Life to get the lowdown HERE.

My Blessed Life - Berry Winter Wreath

I love this unique take on a monogram wreath with the horizontal branches and bow.  It’s the perfect way to have a monogram wreath, but also totally unique.  Get the tutorial at Kenarry HERE.

Kenarry - Winter Monogram Decor for the Front Door

This one is so sleek, modern, bold and bright, I love it.  It looks so easy and cheap too.  This is also in the running for my front door (what a huge honor).  Get the details from Free Borboleta HERE.

Free Borboleta - Winter Wreath

I’m not sure I could do a wreath roundup without including my friend Kim from over at Knock it Off Kim. She is the wreath master.  I mean look at how cool this is.  Get the nitty gritty details HERE.

Knock it Off Kim - Winter Ball Wreath

The sweater wreaths like Amy’s above are super popular and I love them because they aren’t the typical green wreaths. This one from my Dazzle while Frazzled is adorable.  Head over and get the details HERE.

Dazzle While Frazzled - Sweater Winter Wreath

And if blue isn’t your thing, here is another sweater wreath with a totally different, yet wonderful color combo.  Head over to Confessions of a Plate Addict and get the tutorial HERE.

Confessions of a Plate Addict - Easy No-Sew Sweater Wreath

And lastly, I LOVE this one from Ballard Bunch.  The simple white is beautiful and it’s perfect against the black door.  Head over and get the easy tutorial HERE.

The Ballard Bunch - Let it Snow Wreath

So, there ya go.  What do you think? Any of these winter wreaths speaking to you?  Or do you like a more traditional wreath of greens? Do you have any others you think I might like?  By the time I get around to making one, it’ll probably be Spring.

Thanks for stopping by!

Winter Wreaths – Easy and Affordable DIYs

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12 Winter Wreaths that are Easy and Affordable and totally doable. Get all the details at

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